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Dinner and Road Run 2019 Bookings & More Info.

(Updated 6th May 2019)
We wish to anounce the days for our next Dinner and Road Run, the dates are the 8th and 9th of June 2019.

This years theme is "Livestock Transport"

We also wish to announce too, Sylvia's Gap convoy has a extra return leg for any vehicles wishing to return to Gundagai the long way, Once the convoy has completed the Sylvia's Gap road some may wish to return back the long way from Tumblong to Adalong to Tumut to Gundagai (there is no added fee for this route, it may also not suite all as there is some winding roads and big hills on this route)

All the cost and info are listed bellow.

Dinner Bookings are a must and payment must be in by the Due Date "31st of May 2019" 

Dinner bookings can be made in 1 of 4 ways,

  1. Snail Mail, Please download and print the form by clicking here and fill it out to then post back to the address on listed on the form.
  2. Online, Please email the scanned form from "Snail Mail" to "info​@​".
  3. Online, Please click here to go to our online form you can fill out.
  4. Calling, Please call the dinner booking person Daryl on 0427756983 (Daylight Hours Only)

Payments for the Dinner can be made in 1 of 3 ways.

  1. Cheque/Money Order (Snail Mail)
  2. Direct Deposit (Online, Calling or Snail Mail)
  3. Credit Card (Online only & Fees Attached)

Saturday the 8th of June 2019 starting from 6pm. (Bookings and Payments are a must)

  • The Dinner will again be hosted at the "Gundagai District Services Club"
  • - The Dinner cost is $60.00 per person.
  • The dinner cost covers the 3 course meal.
  • - All bar drinks are additional cost.

During the dinner there will be:

  • Guest Speakers
  • Raffle Draws
  • Auctions (Many Products) (Payments for the Auction must be paid in full on the night)

Sunday the 9th of June 2019 starting from 7am. (Cost to be paid on the day)

Bookings not required (but basic numbers for the Breakfast are nice to know for catering)

  • Recovery Breakfast is hosted down at the Showgrounds
    - Breakfast Cost is $10.00 per person.
  • Sylvia's Gap Road Convoy will depart the grounds at 10am
    (all vehicle travelling in the convoy must paid on the day and display the number they are assigned to be permitted to enter the convoy)
    - Cost for the convoy is TRUCKS $30.00, Cars/Bikes $10.00, (cost per driving vehicle)
  • Morning Tea starts when the Convoy returns
    - Morning Tea cost $Gold Coin.

Sunday Afternoon and evening

Live band "Wobbly Boot" will be at the showgrounds from about 4pm, FREE Entry and open to all.

Camping at the showgrounds is available,

  • Non powered sites are free,
  • Powered sites are charged per night from Friday night to Sunday night Payable to the ARTHC.
    Powerd Sites are at a cost of $20.00 Per Night (This price is set by the showgrounds).

Please take note:

- Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Touch and Go & (Chip) Eftpos may be available on Saturday & Sunday for all payments. (Fees Apply)

Also for your safety DO NOT pay to anyone claming to be a member of our club, Booking and payments for the dinner are to be done only by the way we have listed here.

- There are a few restrictions to enforced, Click here to view them.

Road Run Layout

Reunion Dinner and Road Run for June 2019

The date has been set for our 2019 Dinner and Road Run.

8th and 9th of June 2019.

New looking Flyers

arthc dinner 2019 s

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Click here for a PDF A5 Flyer

A4 photo version can be downloaded by clicking here

Original looking Flyers

arthc dinner 2019 s

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Click here for a PDF A5 Flyer

A4 photo version can be downloaded by clicking here

More info is listed bellow.

Here is a map of Possible Future Road Runs

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