Australian Road Transport Heritage Centre - Dinner & Road Run Restrictions

Dinner & Road Run Restrictions

All Please Take Note:

It is recommended to not park you truck on any street of Gundagai for more then 30min, (this is part of the commercial vehicle laws & fines may apply)

B Double's are not permitted on most streets of Gundagai.


For Saturday Dinner 8th June 2019.

The G.D.S.C. has blocked assess to there 2nd carpark for all trucks.

Its recommended to park you truck down at the showgrounds for overnighters.

Interstaters can park up there trailers at the Shell service station in South Gundagai or The Dog On The Tuckerbox.


For Sunday Morning 9th June 2019.

PLEASE NOTE, there is height reaction access to the Showgrounds

No vehicle over 4.6M High, also the main underpass has a height of 4.0M (you must divert down the dirt section look at the signs)


For Sunday Road Run 9th June 2019.

Its recommended to not travel along "Sylvia's Gap Road" with trailers on due to some tight spots.

Placard loads are not permitted on the road run.

B Double's are not permitted on the road run, out right


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